Anorexia and Bulimia: Where They Start

Obesity is common nowadays. It has been a problem and a reason for having a low self-esteem especially among teenagers. You may not be satisfied with your own body and physical attributes and may feel powerless to change them. Not only overweight people are experiencing this. You may be thin and underweight but when you face a mirror, you see an image that you think is not skinny enough. This will lead you to go on a diet, but rarely a healthy one. As you seem to see that your image is larger than what it is actually, you will escalate your weight loss practices. This is often the starting point of anorexia or bulimia.

Anorexia or bulimia can be caused by a distorted image of oneself. However, it can also be caused by depression due to difficulty losing weight. There are people who follow healthy weight loss programs such as eating healthy combined with regular exercise that tend to become dissatisfied with the pounds that they lose in a given period of time. You are too eager to lose weight in a fast way – the tendency is that you starve yourself. You are still not contented with this and try to exercise excessively. Excessive exercise is any physical activity that interferes with your daily routine or you do it during an inappropriate place and time of the day.

There are also other ways on when and how these conditions start. Stress can trigger you to eat more than the normal amount of food that you consume. This is clinically called binge-eating. Excessive eating is usually done secretively. You may feel in the state of euphoria while doing this but after a while, you will become conscious with the possibility that this may cause you to gain some weight. During the binge-eating phase, you are out of control and you tend to find ways to regain it. Purging or self-induced vomiting becomes your last resort. There are other people who do not engage in purging. Instead, they overuse diuretics, enemas and laxatives thinking that these could wash out the food that they consumed in excess.

There are researches claiming that anorexia or bulimia can start even if you are still young. Children who are deprived from eating adequate amount of food on a regular basis are prone to developing either of the two disorders. In general, psychological factors are responsible in the development of anorexia and bulimia. When you have a negative self-image especially with your physical attributes, you are at risk of having an eating disorder.