Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet has revolutionized the diet industry, and everyone is trying today to emulate it or create with the same principles. Twenty five years ago we were being told to eat all these carbohydrates and it was good for us. Some people looked at this with great skepticism. The Atkins diet for one looked at some of the elite athletes like body builders who were extremely healthy, with very low fat body contents. These athletes were very strict at limiting their carbohydrates and still had great ability to have great workouts and great blood work. The Atkins diet took a look at the abilities of the body as a chemical processer, and the notion of eating carbohydrates for maximum health and low body fat just didn’t add up. The Atkins diet looked at a couple of key issues. The way we fatten cattle is by feeding them a high amount of carbohydrates and it works great. In just a short period of time the cattle put on much appreciated pounds. The Atkins diet was the first to really take this information and start to limit the carbohydrate intake and let the body run in ketosis mode a greater percentage of the time. During ketosis the body goes through a set of stages to maintain glucose levels and burn ketones in order to directly use energy from fat stores.


With the Atkins diet we began for the first time to limit the carbohydrates we eat dramatically and eat proteins and fats to a greater degree. The results were dramatic as the pounds of fat ripped off the most stubborn people’s waste line. The blood work from the Atkins diet was amazing as blood cholesterol level were very good and normalized. Previously the notion of the day was that the fats we were eating were the cause of all the problems with blood health. The reverse is actually true, and it is the process of insulin that the Atkins diet took advantage of. Whenever an abundant amount of carbohydrates are eaten a hormone called insulin is released. This hormone signals the body to store, and the body stores two ways. One is that is fills the cells with glycogen and energy, once the cells have reached their capacity which happens very fast, the excess is stored as fat and the blood and cells do the converting. The Atkins diet avoids this by reducing the intake of glucose, and that is why it is still the best diet to use at any point, and that is simply because it works the most efficiently, and makes you healthier in the process.