Eating Disorder Treatment

Millions of people suffer from eating disorders. Eating disorder treatments vary depending on the severity of the condition. There are several symptoms of an eating disorder. People with an eating disorder should seek an eating disorder treatment plan. Feeling bad about eating and eating less is a sign of an eating disorder. People with anorexia severely limit the foods they eat. If you constantly think about dieting you might have an eating disorder. If you develop severe anorexia you might have to be treated with nutritional supplement drinks until you are able to eat solid foods again. In rare cases people with anorexia have to be treated in the hospital with an IV machine.

The opposite of anorexia is binge eating. People who binge eat stuff themselves with large amounts of food at one time. They will then go an extended amount of time without eating. People who binge eat do not force themselves to throw up their food; when they eat they gorge, and then they often go days without eating again. There are several reasons people binge eat. People who are depressed often binge eat. Boredom and anxiety can also cause binge eating. There are two common eating disorder treatments for binge eating. Doctors usually recommend counseling or anti-depressants as an eating disorder treatment for binge eating.

People who suffer from bulimia throw up their food or they use laxatives to get rid of their food. Binge eating and bulimia can occur together. Most people who suffer from bulimia have a strong desire to be perfect. Bulimia can be caused by social pressure to be thin or by disliking any fat on the body. Bulimia can be treated with eating disorder treatment. Both thin and overweight people can develop bulimia. The most common eating disorder treatment for bulimia is therapy. If therapy is not enough the doctor might recommend anti-depressants as an eating disorder treatment.

Eating disorders can cause long-term health problems. People who suffer from eating disorders can develop hands and feet swelling, swollen glands, hoarseness, tooth decay, and kidney problems. Women with long-term eating disorders can also have irregular periods. In rare cases people have died because they did not receive eating disorder treatment. You can prevent eating disorders by surrounding yourself with people who care about you and love you for who you are. Peer pressure is the number one cause of eating disorders. Eating disorders can also be prevented by not trying to live up to the standards that celebrities set. When you want to be thin like a celebrity, realize that most of their pictures are enhanced using Photoshop. You should also know that most celebrities that are extremely thin suffer from eating disorders due to peer pressure. Celebrities with eating disorders often overlook eating disorder treatment in favor of being unhealthy. If you are already suffering from an eating disorder you should talk to someone about the eating disorder. If you need to visit a doctor for your eating disorder problem, the doctor will recommend the best eating disorder treatment plan that will improve your health physically and emotionally.