How to Choose a Drug and/or Alcohol Rehab Center

Choosing a drug or alcohol rehab center is an involved process, the guardians of the individual that needs treatment should research facilities to see which one is suited for their family member or friend. They should physically analyze the drug or rehab center’s facility and staff and check all of the resources they offer and their credentials.

How to choose a drug and or alcohol rehab center

The first thing to do when researching a drug or rehab center is to research everything, learn exactly what the facility offers, what services and experience the staff and doctors have. Is it an outpatient or intense residential program? Ask what is allowed, can you bring personal items, is family allowed to visit or is it no contact only. Ask what the patient to staff ratio is. What the treatment setting is like is it group or individual treatment offered.

Look at the drug or alcohol rehab center’s services what type of after care is provided. When physically looking at the facility look at the aesthetics of the place and the hygienic quality, is it clean and well kept. What are the staff credentials is the facility accredited, is it well organized or scattered. What is the success rate of the program how many relapses are reported that have finished the program. Is the program based on the 12 strep or some other ideology? Are all of the patients’ needs met in addition to their addiction like psychological, social and legal issues?

When choosing a drug or alcohol rehab center always ask to see prices, what is the cost of the program and see what’s actually include in this fee. Is it all inclusive or do you have to pay for extras. See what insurances are accepted if any at all. When choosing a drug or alcohol rehab center the search can start with your primary physician or your local health department.

Choosing the right drug and or rehab center

Choosing the right drug or alcohol rehab center, takes time and patience and the facility should be accredited and have proof of results both negative and positive of their program. Look at the cleanliness the organization, the staff and how they run the programs. Decide before hand whether the patient will need outpatient services or a long-term stay at the drug or alcohol rehab center’s facility. Know the type of drugs and alcohol they are using and for how long if at all possible, this will help with the treatment.