Low Calorie Diet

In order to lose weight, you should burn more calories than you consume. Irrespective of the exercises you do, it is important for you to reduce your calorie intake to have success. Therefore, following a good low calorie diet plan can be your key to success. So what is the way to design a low calorie diet plan? We are providing few steps on customizing your own plan.

* Calculate your daily calorie consumption

Before you begin with your low calorie diet plan, you should calculate the calories you consume to lose weight. You can restrict your aim to losing just two to three pounds a week without any crash or starvation diet. You should include healthy foods in your low calorie diet plan so that you continue to get necessary nutrition even when you have restricted your diet for losing weight.

* Note down healthy food that you eat regularly

By writing the foods you eat on paper, you will be in a much better position to develop a low calorie diet plan. First you should talk of foods that you should avoid. Foods that spike your sugar level will force your body to secrete excess insulin. Excess insulin will make it difficult for the body to burn calories. Foods such as starchy food, sugary desserts, white flour products, rice, white potatoes, should be avoided if you want to burn fast within a short time.

Instead of eating starchy food, you should consume lots of vegetables especially the green ones as they have high nutrients, and are low on sugar. In fact, lean meat combined with one or two vegetables is best and should be included in low calorie diet plan . For your lunch, you can add lean meat and some vegetables to a can of soup for making a low fat, and low calorie diet. You should avoid fruits that have high sugar content such as watermelon, and bananas. Instead, you should stick to low sugar fruits such as kiwis, berries, oranges, and tangerines.

* Five small meals a day

Once you’ve reviewed healthy foods, you should write down your low calorie diet plan that has at least 5 small meals. You should organize your food in an easy to follow diet plan. A best low calorie diet plan would begin with breakfast, and small snack few hours later. You should take lunch followed by a mid day snack, and then dinner at night.

Many people fail because they do not have any low calorie diet plan. You can always make corrections to your diet plan to make it still better. Once you learn about your eating habits, you can easily improve your plan.