Organic Food Diet

Organic food is food that is grown without using any synthetic or artificial fertilizers; food that is grown with using any genetic procedures and food grown with real fertilizers. This is food that is also grown without preservatives, chemicals, radiation or antibiotics. It is food that consumers can eat without any chemical tainting; food that is pure.

What are Organic Food Diets?

Organic food diets are diets that are natural and pure, safe and healthy food products are hormone free, have a higher nutrition level and generally consist of a better way to eat and diet. However, organic foods are more expensive and some contain pesticides despite their natural claims. Most organic food diets are better because they avoid pesticides or chemicals in the production process —chemicals and pesticides–that might be harmful to your health.

Examples of an Organic Diet

Some examples of organic meals might include the following: organic omelet with fresh vegetables, organic French Toast with organic maple syrup, Organic Tuna Nicoise Salad, Organic Chef Salad or Organic Vegetarian Lasagna.

Other Examples of an Organic Diet

Other examples of organic foods are fruits that have seeds, one should avoid those that do not have seeds. All kinds of vegetables are wonderful and organic; however, green-leafed vegetables are better in terms of nutritional value. Olives, coconuts, seeds, nuts and avocados are foods that fill you up and keep you feeling full, longer. Nuts and seeds are healthy and organic but you must be careful to eat them in moderation. Some also suggest that a daily organic menu should always include green-leafed vegetables such as lettuce and kale, oranges and mangos, olives and nuts and sweet fruits.

What about an Organic Salad Dressing?

When making salad dressings, combine a raw plant fat such as an avocado with an orange and blend them in a blender and then pouring it over a salad.
Organic Salads and Organic Breakfast Ideas

Another example of an organic food diet is having a large salad that has green-leafed vegetables, two avocados and a squeezed orange as a dressing. For a snack try eating two apples and 8-10 almonds. For a liquid breakfast prepare one quart of freshly made vegetable juice–juice that has at least 60 percent of green vegetables and other fruits and vegetables and mix in a blender.

Another organic snack might be two pears and one zucchini. For an evening meal, have a large salad that has about 80 percent green-leafed vegetables, three avocados and then lemon or lime for a salad topping.