What to Expect from Drug and/or Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol abuse has increased at alarming rates throughout the Country. You may ask yourself, what is an addiction? The dictionary refers to an addiction as an increased need for a substance or activity. Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol can cause devastating physical and mental problems that impair your chances of a happy life. Physical symptoms of an addiction include increased or decreased tolerance for drugs/or alcohol, red face and nose, puffiness of face or extremities, sudden vision changes, high blood pressure, and damage to your internal organs. The mental symptoms include increased reliance on a substance, family problems, and violent or neurotic behavior.
The road to a recovery is a long and bumpy road to follow. During recovery you may relapse many times to be able to get to the point of being clean and sober. The first step to a recovery is acceptance. You must be able to take in the fact that you have a problem and need to solve it. You can visit rehab many times with no luck in recovering because you may not be complying with the treatment and return to your old habits. Professional help will ensure you stay on the path to recovery, as well as the love and support from your loved ones.
What is rehab? Rehab is described as a residential facility that specializes in the recovery for addicts. You may also ask yourself, what can I expect from drug and alcohol rehab? The first thing to expect is the Detox stage. During the detox stage, you slowly take in less drugs/alcohol and start the withdrawal stage. Today, more centers require the client to arrive sober, even before entering the facility. The new trend is to have you go through the withdrawal process at a specialized facility. This stage last 5 through 7 days.
The Rehab facilities are located in thousands of locations around the country. They all are different from each other ranging from basic cabins to luxury suites. Take in mind that what you spend on your recovery has little to do with success.
Again, something to expect from drug and alcohol rehab is education. Informing yourself helps you see the disease from an honest perspective. It helps you realize all the harm and destruction you are doing to your body. Once you realize what you are doing is harmful to yourself, your future, and your family you will have more desire for a permanent recovery. During your visit to rehab, you will also have counseling, group therapy, and family meetings.
Remember recovery is a hard journey that will require great effort and will power to overcome your addiction.