Simple Tips To Help You Keep Healthy When Eating Out

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Here are a few easy suggestions that will help you maintain healthy whilst eating out.

Go for veggies – No matter where you’re eating out I advise you to try and find a way to get veggies for your plate. Fill up on veggies that aren’t loaded with sauces, gravies, and cheeses. Choose simple options. the excessive fiber and water content are much more likely to fill you up.

Look for lean protein choices – Skinless poultry like turkey and chicken, fatty fish and flaky fish, even lean cuts of steak can all make their way on your plate. Vegetarian options that have tofu or beans can also be great filling ideas. Having a plate filled with a lean protein paired with those satisfying vegetables is certainly going to keep you fuller for longer

Be conscious of your portion sizes – As you know, restaurant portion sizes are usually a lot bigger than we typically eat at home. Be mindful of portions and be honest with what you typically eat on your plate. Don’t be afraid to doggie bag it or ask for appetizer portions when they’re available.

Make Smart Restaurant Choices – When I’m looking for a sit-down meal, I find seafood grills to be a great option. You can often find fresh catches of fish or even really great lean cuts of meat that you can pair with simple sides. Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants can also be great options. They typically are heavy on the vegetables and prepare really simple protein options as well.